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Clearance time Of medical stretchers

Air Ambulance Aviation Air Ambulance flying ICU (AAFICU) facility to worldwide, with medical care for the purpose of transporting patient from one place to other place with the medical facility. If your are flying in the on request flight movements does not need and any medical clearance , but as far us if the patient is flying aero passenger , or sharing basic it may take 4-6 hour the minimum clearance time it may be can lead to 24 hr to 48 hours too, depends up on the sector we are flying and the operactorers of the flight also ,on the time of process your rescue controller will be able to tell how much time it may take and the time of the flying and the date of travel also, the teams to be applied as per the air ambulance aviation and differed operators for the transfer , but in the end of the day we may be able to reuse the cost of operations , in well settled manner at the same time there will be multy stops and patients transfers also will be excepted it may according to the sector.

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